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Our team of competent and dedicated experts has been delivering exceptional Door Closer Installation in Greater Los Angeles service to clients ranging from large corporations to small businesses for over a century.


Commercial buildings are required to have door closers. They provide accessibility for individuals with physical limitations and prevent doors from being opened too rapidly or abruptly by affixing them to the top of the door, thereby ensuring that it remains closed or open as intended.

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Which Door Closers Are Necessary Regarding Door Closer Type?

Door closers are prominent elements within the domain of commercial door hardware. Although they appear to have an overwhelming variety in terms of size, color, and function, their fundamental purpose remains the same: to ensure the seamless swinging and consistent closure of doors. If the door control mechanism malfunctions, even the most sophisticated securing or card access system becomes ineffective. Therefore, it is imperative to select options that are not only efficient but also properly correspond with the particular door type under consideration in any commercial environment.

Gaining insight into the intricacies of door hardware may prove to be a challenge; however, delving into its particulars provides elucidation. Six distinct varieties of door closers are among the countless products that are available:

Traditional Door Closers

Standard heavy-duty door closers are the type of equipment that can be found in a variety of environments. They are renowned for their resilience and longevity and are frequently constructed from aluminum.

Modern Door Closers with removable covers

Featuring detachable coverings, these contemporary door closers combine functionality and aesthetics. A variety of finishes are available for users to choose from and the coverings are detachable, which facilitates maintenance.

Modern Door Closers without a cover

Those who favor hardware with minimal design will find these contemporary door closers without a cover to be the optimal solution. Efficiently constructed from premium aluminum, their streamlined design prioritizes aesthetics over functionality.

Concealed in door closers

Door closers that are concealed within the doors themselves are, as the name implies, concealed in a nuanced manner. They collaborate with the hinges to facilitate smooth door movement and are constructed of heavy-duty materials.

Concealed in frame closers

Frame closers that are concealed: These closers become imperceptible to the untrained eye by virtue of their placement within the door frame. Consisting of heavy-duty aluminum and frequently integrated with the fasteners, they exemplify functionality at its highest level.

Concealed in floor closers

With a high degree of door control while remaining unobtrusive, concealed in floor closers provide a high level of protection. They collaborate effectively with hinges due to their robust construction, which is frequently comprised of high-quality materials such as aluminum.

It is essential to ensure that the door hardware and options at your disposal, including automatic door systems and various hinges, correspond to your requirements. It is crucial to bear in mind that optimal hardware enhances not only the aesthetic appeal of your doors but also their durability and functionality.

Our Door Closer Installation in Greater Los Angeles Services

Are you in need of an appropriate door closer? We manage everything! We are confident that our team is capable of assisting you in resolving any issue and offering the ideal solution. We carry both manual and automatic closers, whether they are surface-mounted or concealed; therefore, you can entrust us with the task.

Door Closer Repair

Our proficient specialists will diagnose the issues with your door system and implement prompt, dependable repairs to restore its functionality.

Door Closer Replacement

We are committed to providing timely and efficient door closer replacement services in the event of a malfunction, allowing you to resume your regular operations.

Door Closer Installation

We are aware of the fact that door closers are only present in some residences. Working diligently with your door frames to expeditiously install a durable, high-quality door closer is our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction and safety.


Having installed and serviced hundreds of door closers in the past, our professional professionals are well-equipped to complete the task successfully. Our staff is also well-equipped with an extensive selection of door closers, enabling them to install brand-new doors in place of any damaged ones promptly.

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By improving the safety and security of interior and exterior entrances and exits, Lock Smith Car Key 4u provides an extensive selection of commercial door closers and hardware. Commercial door installation and repair, in addition to innovative door hardware, including lock solutions, services, and devices for all the thresholds of your business, are all areas in which our Door Closer Installation specialists in Greater Los Angeles specialize. These areas include storefront doors, sliding glass doors, fire-rated doors, and everything in between.


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