Motorcycle Locksmith Services in Los Angeles California

Motorcycle Locksmith Services in Los Angeles California

Are you in search of a motorcycle locksmith who can attend to the security requirements of your motorcycle? Our motorcycle locksmiths are readily available in the area to assist you with any of your motorcycle locksmith requirements.


Lock Smith Car Key 4u is the motorcycle locksmith of choice for all lock rekeying and key replacement requirements. If you are unable to locate your keys, whether they have been stolen, lost, or become jammed in the lock, please provide us with the make, model, and location of your motorcycle. We will then dispatch one of our automotive locksmiths to assist you in regaining access to your belongings.


These situations can arise at the most inconvenient times, so having a certified locksmith available is always advantageous. For assistance with the issue, please visit the motorcycle locksmith section of our website and obtain our contact information. Regardless of the make or model of your motorcycle—vintage Harleys, contemporary BMWs, or Kawasakis—, we are the preeminent motorcycle locksmith organization that you should contact.

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Our Services Include

We have established a commendable standing by providing optimal resolutions for every motorcycle locksmith requirement. Our comprehensive solutions are one of the reasons why more than one hundred thousand riders contact us and recommend us when they require a motorcycle locksmith. Our primary motorcycle locksmith services are as follows:

Duplication of Keys

A duplicate key to your motorcycle is always advantageous to have in the event that the original is misplaced, stolen, or secured in the motorcycle's storage unit. Motorcycle keys can be duplicated immediately by Lock Smith Car Key 4u.

Replacement Key

This service ranks among our most frequently requested. Our motorcycle locksmith will replace any lost or stolen keys in accordance with the original specifications. This will be accomplished by our experts selecting the gas lock or the ignition lock. They will then cut the key and program it to your motorcycle on the spot after obtaining the corresponding key code. Alternatively, you may have the internal wafers replaced; in this case, the locksmith will provide you with a new key, rendering the previous set of keys inoperable once more.

Motorcycle Lockout

Most motorcyclists find it difficult to comprehend how one could become shut out of their vehicle. Nevertheless, it is quite dissimilar to vehicle confinement. In the case of motorcycles, you may lock the key in the storage unit by error, preventing you from accessing your bicycle. We have the most up-to-date equipment to unlock storage lockers of all makes and models without causing damage.

Repairs and Replacements of Ignitions

The deterioration of the ignition lock's wafers and pins over time is a factor in the key becoming jammed in the lock. In addition to repairing the ignition, we will also provide you with a spare key that is compatible with the upgraded ignition.

Key Extraction

When the key becomes lodged in the lock, abstain from applying force or yanking to turn it. If you notify us promptly, we will proceed to retrieve the key from the storage unit, ignition, and gas tank lock. Additionally, our motorcycle locksmiths will inspect the lock for any damage and, if necessary, repair it.

Why Choouse Us?

Motorcycle Locksmith Services in Los Angeles California

Price Competitiveness

Motorcycle locksmith services are not inexpensive; therefore, if you encounter a business promising incredibly low rates, you should exercise caution before hiring them. In comparison to our rivals, our prices for services are competitive. Although we do not guarantee to be the most affordable option, we are undoubtedly the finest. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment guarantee your ability to resume riding within an hour; our service is unmatched. Before the motorcycle locksmith arrives at your location, contact us for a complimentary estimate and determine whether or not you can afford the service.

Factory-trained and Proficient Motorcycle Locksmith Services in Los Angeles California

If you are Looking for a “car locksmith near me” but not sure which firm to choose? All our member partners at Locksmith & Car Key 4U have been verified and authorized and must pass a background check.

Motorcycle Locksmith Services in Los Angeles California

#1 Motorcycle Locksmith Services in Los Angeles California

Our company operates as the sole provider of mobile locksmith services in Los Angeles, California, ensuring that motorcyclists can resume their journey without delay.


Whether you need our support in rekeying your motorcycle, repairing the ignition on your motorcycle, or providing you with a new gas cap lock and key, our dedication to providing transparent pricing and delivering exceptional service instills complete trust in you.


Refrain from letting a misplaced key, a malfunctioning ignition switch, or a seized gas cap lock prevent you from enjoying your motorcycle;

contact Lock Smith Car Key 4u immediately to schedule an appointment with our locksmith.


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