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A modern security system includes security guards, live-in guardians, security cameras, and motion detectors. However, security starts with the locks on your doors. Locks are essential to any security strategy, offering inexpensive and efficient front-line deterrents. We provide a comprehensive variety of lock-changing services for residential and commercial properties.

Locks, according to Locksmith & Car Key 4U, are only as good as the individuals who install them. We work with seasoned specialists with decades of expertise and impeccable reputations. Every locksmith we choose has a track record in the business and has undertaken a DBS check to ensure their dependability. You’ll sleep better knowing that our expert locksmiths installed your locks.

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Our Services

Our experts will not only fix your door or window lock problem but will also provide advice on any property security concerns you may have. Here are some excellent services we can provide for you in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Sherman Oaks:

Change the front door lock

If you've just relocated or simply want to improve the security of your home or business, we've got you covered!

Emergency door lock replacement

We can help you in various emergencies, including property lockouts, missing keys, faulty lock mechanisms, a damaged lock within the lock, break-ins, etc.

Lock upgrade

Replace your house or workplace locks with more secure versions.

New lock installation

We can meet any new lock installation need and install as many new locks as you require on blank interior doors.

Keyed alike lock change

We can assist you in opening all doors with a single key!

Tenant eviction locksmith

Suppose you need an eviction locksmith to assist you during the bailiff appointment. In that case, you can be certain that the locksmith will get entry to your property and, if necessary, replace the locks.

Why Choouse Us?

Locksmiths in Los Angeles who are qualified and well-equipped

A highly skilled local locksmith will perform your lock installation. The expert will arrive fully prepared with tools and high-quality door/window hardware. It is strongly advised to use a professional locksmith to replace the locks on exterior doors.

There are several lock replacement solutions available

You may rely on us anytime for a rapid, safe, high-quality lock changing or new door lock installation service. The experts always provide a wide variety of locks that match American standards. Each locksmith is well-versed in dealing with a wide range of locks, including mortice locks, euro profile cylinder locks, Yale locks, rim cylinders, thumb turn locks, and others.

Replace the locks on your doors and windows

We can repair, replace, or upgrade your door locks with new and better-locking systems for all kinds and types of doors and windows, including uPVC and wooden door and window locks, composite and aluminum door and window locks, and more.

Service that is fully insured and guaranteed

Our skilled locksmiths provide high-quality lock fitting and replacement options and lock repair services, all with a 6-month workmanship warranty.

24-hour emergency lock replacement service

Getting locked out in Los Angeles, whether you’ve broken the key inside the lock or the door has been damaged and needs a new one, is never a pleasant experience. We provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services, so please call us right away. We’ll dispatch a local specialist within 30 minutes of your call.

Why Should You Have a Lock Change?

Changing locks is an unavoidable element of being a lock owner. It is critical to ensure that your door is operating properly.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to ensure that the locks on your door are in good working order and provide the highest level of protection for you and your family. Paying attention to your lock is one of the greatest methods to guarantee that it always operates as it should.

Make sure you get a professional locksmith to come out and inspect it as soon as you suspect anything is amiss. This cannot be emphasized enough. One of the simplest ways for a homeowner to save money is to have a locksmith inspect their lock when it fails.

Some homeowners ignore the early warning signals and continue to use their doors with worn-out or damaged locks until they cause far more extensive and costly damage.

As a homeowner, you should put the maintenance of your locks and doors on your to-do list. Many people take locks for granted and forget that they are the key things that allow doors to function properly.

When the locks on your door fail, homeowners must decide whether to fix or replace them. In most circumstances, we recommend that you fix your locks unless they are beyond repair or are ineffective at keeping your property safe.


Locksmith & Car Key 4U is the company to contact if you need a door lock replacement, window lock installation, 24-hour emergency assistance, or any other lock repair or lock changing services in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Sherman Oaks. We provide high-quality lock services at reasonable pricing. Call (818) 856-5318 now.

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