Trunk Unlocking Services in Los Angeles California

Trunk Unlocking Services in Los Angeles California

Stuck in the trunk with your keys shut inside? A trunk lockout is the most irritating circumstance, particularly when it occurs late at night. Lock Smith Car Key 4u has the advantage of over a decade of experience in Trunk Unlocking Services in Los Angeles, California. Automatic trunk closure automobiles frequently experience trunk lockouts. On certain occasions, one may inadvertently misplace the trunk key while rummaging through one’s belongings or luggage.


Nevertheless, malfunctioning trunk locks and damaged keys may also result in trunk lockouts. No matter the reason you find yourself in such a difficult situation, we are always available to assist you. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, our proficient technicians are equipped to manage the trunk lockout situation. What is the greatest part? We are able to connect with you from any location or time in Los Angeles, California. We ensure round-the-clock availability, including early mornings and unusual hours of the night.

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Lock Smith Car Key 4u: Trunk Unlocking Services in Los Angeles, California 24/7

Lock Smith Car Key 4u is capable of providing the necessary trunk lockout services. Having ten years of experience in the locksmith industry, we are duly licensed, insured, and bonded. Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, our well-trained and knowledgeable specialists can resolve that trunk lockout issue. We recognize how frustrating it can be to be stranded in the trunk for hours with your keys locked inside. This is why we ensure a response time of thirty minutes and prevent the disruption of your day.

How we provide Trunk Unlocking Services in Los Angeles, California

Our skilled locksmiths can easily and quickly decrypt your trunk in the following few steps:

If your vehicle is an older model, our locksmith technician will search for an open loop. For instance, vehicles equipped with locking that are located within the door handle. This may be challenging for a neophyte to locate, but we, as professionals, are able to circumvent it and assist you.

The simplest method we prefer to use when dealing with older car model locks that feature those small switches is as follows: Our locksmith pick instrument is discovered to be a plain coat hanger with a hook. Then, position this instrument in the space between the rubber and the side of the vehicle window.

At this juncture, we shall attach the hanger-like instrument to the door latch in an effort to raise it. We will now have the ability to enter the vehicle and unlock the trunk with the clasp. The majority of automobiles feature a control switch or a latch for opening the trunk.

How can Lock Smith Car Key 4u help?

We have built a reputation for providing exceptional locksmith services in and around Los Angeles, California. We promptly dispatch our connoisseur technicians to the location upon receiving your call. Our specialists are fully equipped to retrieve your keys immediately. With the most advanced technological equipment at our disposal, we can have you back in the vehicle within minutes. We endeavor to resolve each trunk lockout and car lockout issue expeditiously, treating them with the utmost seriousness. Call us instead of incurring the costly towing fees, and we will return your vehicle as soon as possible.

The following trunk lockout issues are all within our capacity to resolve.

  • Car key extractions impeded;
  • Keys locked in the trunk removal
  • Structural impasse remedies
  • Services for trunk remote activation


We also offer a variety of additional automotive locksmith services, including replacement car fobs, lock repair and replacement, assistance with car lockouts, reprogramming car keys, and much more.

Why Should You Contact Lock Smith Car Key 4u for Trunk Unlocking Services in Los Angeles, California?

Competitive and transparent pricing

Our car lockout service is the most reasonably priced in all of San Antonio. Powered by technicians who are completely certified, we are able to offer you the preeminent trunk lockout service available. In order to relieve you of any anxiety or uncertainty, we provide up-front pricing. There will be no unforeseen expenses or charges, and you will be fully informed of the amount in advance.

Rapidity in response time

Place your phone number, and we will be at your location within thirty minutes. Given how inconvenient a trunk lockout situation can be, we do not wish for our clients to be kept waiting for hours. Our skilled technician will promptly dispatch you to your location armed with all the required equipment and tools, allowing you to resume your journey without delay.

Ensuring continuous availability

Since trunk lockouts can transpire at any moment, we maintain round-the-clock availability to assist you. Whether it is midnight or not, we are assured of being present to assist you.

Competent and professional technician

Technicians who have received extensive training are capable of resolving any trunk lockout. They are fully equipped to resolve the issue in a timely manner, irrespective of the make, model, or security system of your vehicle. Our technician is able to retrieve the keys without causing injury to the trunk locks as a result of the training.

For All Sorts Of Car Lockouts And Trunks In Los Angeles, California, Call Our Number.

Upon extending us a chance, it will become evident that we are preeminent. In addition to being quick, our trunk lockout and other automotive services are reasonably priced. We are capable of opening trunk locks without causing any damage. Do not attempt to select the lock on your own, as doing so could result in significant and costly repairs in the future.

Therefore, the next time you experience a trunk lockout, remain calm. Avoid wasting money and time by contacting a dealer. We will promptly retrieve your key from the trunk upon your contact.

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